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16 August 2018

Project Elm is going well, not as quick as we would like but it’s moving in the right direction and we are happy with the progress so far.

We’re very very busy as a company and the guys at Inspired Renewables are doing a lot of the work.

So they’ve done all the first fixes, and basically, we’re having a little bit of a lull. We’ll get back onto it come the autumn months. so like I said it’s moving, it’s in the right place.

– Andy Granville (MD)

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What’s going to happen over here…
Basically, the first set of cables you can see is where the heat pump will go. So that’s for the underfloor heating and the hot water and the second set of cables in the distance will be for the Tesla battery storage.

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The back of the building is our general living space. As you can see, looking at it, it’s a big open space, spanning eight metres by eight metres. We’ll have our kitchen, living room, dining room, and everything in this area. It’s very very nice because we will get the solar gains from the setting sun, it makes that room really lovely and warm, and it’s lovely to be in already.

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This is the living room, kitchen, maybe a dining room table there, maybe a dining table there, maybe a dining room table there.

We can’t make our minds up.

This is a 1960s bungalow I’m standing in here so it’s got no insulation at all. There’s 50mm of insulation going in here, 100mm on the new extension to come up to building regulations, then we’re going screed the whole floor and put underfloor heating into it. So the whole floor will come up about six inches to where we are today. That’s the next job.

– Andy Granville

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This is our bike store at the moment, as you can see. My little steed is here. It’s going to be a bathroom at some point. We’ll have a shower there, my bath here, not Andy’s, the toilet, and washbasin. So yeah, should be all right once we’re finished.

– Judith Granville

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This is our hallway. We are going to have a new front door, but that’s not until we’ve got all the floor down. So that’s going to stay as it is at the moment. Our spare bedroom, it’ll also be my daughter Abigail’s bedroom when she comes back from uni. We did have a joke and told her the cupboard over there in the corner was actually her room, but she didn’t believe us.

This is going to be all underfloor heated, so there’ll be no radiator on the wall. Nice and warm.

– Judith Granville

man and woman in house

This is going to be the master bedroom. It’s a reasonable size, it will have built-in wardrobes which will finish it off and provide added storage whilst being space-saving and quite minimalist.

It features downlights or LED for subtle lighting.

The windows particularly, they are provided by AstraFrames in Norwich. And basically they are a high tech window so the suns rays stay outs and the heat of the house remains inside and regulated, the techies of that world will understand that it’s a good quality window, keeps the sun out and the warmth in.

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So let’s dive into the renewable technology we are going to be using!

We’re going to use a Daikin heat pump, which is a 7KW monoblock. And that will sit outside. That’ll heat all the underfloor heating for the whole place, and also the hot water.

The Tesla Powerwall, it’s the Tesla Powerwall 2, it’ll take 13.5KW of storage, and that will work in conjunction with the PV panels which are up on the roof already.

A Tesla Powerwall is a battery storage unit. It is produced by Tesla, the same people who make the cars. It stores the energy which is produced from your solar panels or cheap electricity, and then you use that electricity at night or whenever you want to use it to save you money.

What’s happened externally is the … we’re going to render the outside of the building with 50MM of insulation. We’re then going to render on top of that with a nice surface to get the whole building looking the same. On the roof, there is a 6.5KW of PV panels. They’re all inbuilt.

I’m sorry, I do this every time when I talk about solar panels…

We do two types of solar panels. We do photovoltaics, which are electricity solar panels, and solar thermal solar panels. The solar thermal is hot water heating, and PV is electricity.

The underfloor heating basically will be some pipes going through the concrete screed, which is a form of special concrete that goes down, and then water is passed through those pipes to keep the whole of the ground floor, warm and keep the whole property nice and snug.

So there you have it a real practical and no-nonsense insight as to where we are at with Project Elm.

If you have any questions about renewable living please feel free to comment or contact us.

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