Underfloor Heating

There's no best boiler for underfloor heating because UFH works well with all modern condensing boilers. If you're looking to really maximise efficiency through the low flow temperatures of underfloor heating, take a look at Air Source Heat Pumps.

Underfloor heating temperature varies from person-to-person, but generally 21°C is the ideal temperature for living areas. Bedrooms tend to be set slightly cooler at 18°C. You can set this using your underfloor heating control panel.

Ask any homeowner who has underfloor heating and chances are they’ll say “they’d never be without it”.  We install water-based or ‘wet’ systems.  Wet systems are made up of pipes that are typically connected to your boiler and use warm water from the central heating system. While a condensing boiler will offer the greatest potential savings on running costs, any boiler can be used with UFH, as long as it has a sufficient capacity.

The water is pumped through plastic pipes that are laid on to a sub floor, before the new final surface is installed. Most of the plastic water pipes installed in today’s systems are continuous, so there is no danger of leaks as there are no joints and the system is generally considered to be maintenance-free.

What is the process?

By nature, they are more costly and disruptive to install (especially if a floor-level alteration is needed to accommodate the pipes). However, they are the most cost effective solution. Underfloor heating of this type also reduces water-heating costs as it uses water at a lower temperature than standard radiators (about 40°C to 65°C to give a floor temperature of between 23°C and 32°C).

If you’re looking to heat a large area, this is the best option.

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